UV Sanitizer Bag

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This Portable LED UVC Sanitizer Box,Kill 99% of bacteria: The UV sterilization package is specially designed to work with UV and ozone at the same time, and it has been tested in the laboratory to kill 99% of bacteria.

Portable LED UVC Sanitizer Box

This UV sterilization bag provides 360 ° disinfection with 6pcs led lamp beads (3pcs at the top and 3pcs at the bottom). Internal use of special reflective materials for UV light for all-round disinfection. The intensity of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp is equal to more than 20 times the intensity of the sun. Lifetime for the bulbs will last 10,000 hours.

Portable LED UVC Sanitizer Box

UV sterilization principle:

  • UV-C light kills bacteria without the use of chemicals. UV-C disinfectants and deodorants provide a healthy living environment.
  • UV-C destroys DNA and amplifiers; bacterial and viral RNA loses its vitality and reproduction ability by exposure to microorganisms, thereby achieving disinfection.

Portable LED UVC Sanitizer Box

Ultraviolet and Ozone Dual Sterilization, it can also be used for headphones / hearing aids / stethoscopes / dentures / toothbrushes / beauty tools / bottles / toys / forks / knives / glasses / jewelry / keys / watches and so on. No pollutants or residues are generated throughout the process. Safe and environmentally friendly disinfection method! Quick disinfection in 3 minutes!

Portable LED UVC Sanitizer Box


  • Internal use of special reflective materials for UV light for all-round disinfection.3 minutes sterilization, it effectively killing dirtiness up to 99.9% and can remove odor.
  • One-button operation, suitable for all kinds of DC 5V mobile power and charging plugs.
  • The disinfection space is large enough to be put into a variety of household items for disinfection. When going out, you can put it in your suitcase as a storage bag.
  • Not only suitable for ultraviolet disinfection of underwear,but also for headphones,hearing aids,stethoscopes,dentures,toothbrushes,beauty tools,feeding bottles ,toys,forks,knife,glasses,etc.

Portable LED UVC Sanitizer Box

Specially designed for your health

  • Easy to use
  • Automatically shut down when it is open
  • Simple & effective
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to carry
  • Water & oil-proof

Portable LED UVC Sanitizer Box


  • Lamp:6pcs LED UVC lamp 
  • Net weight: 400g
  • Product material: environmental protection PU leather
  • Product size: 23 * 15 * 14cm / 9 * 5.9* 5.5in
  • Power supply interface: USB (Micro)
  • LED wavelength: 260-280nm
  • Lamp life: 10,000 hours
  • Rated input: 5V-2A
  • Service life: 10000h

Portable LED UVC Sanitizer Box

Using the step:

1. Open the zipper and put in the bracket
2. Put the items on the bracket (the items are tiled) and pull up the zipper
3. There is a magnetic induction on the zipper, which needs to be fully pulled in place to effectively open the sterilization
4. Connect the power supply(powered by power bank), click the power button, and start automatic disinfection. The disinfection time is 5 minutes

Portable LED UVC Sanitizer Box

Package Includes:

  • 1 * UV Disinfection Bag
  • 1 * instruction manual
  • 1 * adapter

Portable LED UVC Sanitizer Box


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