Lifting Swivel Chair

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Product Features

1. The double S bionic curve chair frame constitutes the golden 4-point support point of "four points and two lines", which will be your strong backing;

2. The so-called "waist protection" means that the waist is "supported". Double row waist bracket + movable waist bracket = more accurate waist support;

3. The solid and powerful double bones and the supporting effect of lumbar support need skeleton to realize. The four-point, two-line and double-row skeleton is firm and durable;

4.Lift handrail, feel soft and comfortable, radian curve close to the arm, adjust the arm.

5. Yida OA professional office mesh finish;

6. Lifting armrest with TPU surface;

7. Shaped sponge with bottom shell;

8. Lock the chassis in place;

9. Passed SGS certification three grade black pressure bar;

10. 340# nylon five-star high feet, ∮60 black PU silent wheel.

Product Details


Material:PA+glass fiber headrest with,PU leather surface,nylon glass fiber backrest

Product Weight:15.8 KG

Package Size:70*35*64 CM

Package Weight:17.5 KG

Package Include:

Chair *1pc

accessories *1set

Instruction for Installation *1


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