Camping Tent


Great outdoor activity. Fresh air, inspiring scenery and depressing time, trying to put the shelter together. From the moment you arrive, you can set up one of the pop-up tents and enjoy the journey.
If you have such a large throwing tent that automatically pops up quickly, it only takes a few seconds instead of 15 to 20 minutes of intense time, which usually leads to an argument or divorce. All you need to do is to loosen the belt, then pop it out, remove all the pressure caused by the tent pole, try to figure out which tent pole goes where, and hope that you don't put anything in the garage at home. . To The pop-up tent is mainly used in casual camping tent style. They come in many shapes and sizes, but most consumers expect compact tents that are light and easy to use. They eliminate the setup or process to promote your tent; a pop-up tent is spring-loaded, so you can assemble it in seconds.

They can rise in just a few seconds and can accommodate groups of all sizes, whether you are roaming in the backyard, beach or mountains, providing reliable coverage no matter where you are. The era of nailing wooden stakes to the ground and assembling telephone poles has passed. With this feature alone, it becomes an attractive choice for simple campers.
If you are looking for quality and value, this is the ideal camping tent. Three seasons of rain and flies will keep you dry in bad weather, and a large vestibule is designed to allow you to store your gear or shoes in a dry place before entering the tent.


  • There are ventilation windows (good ventilation),
  • There are extensions at both ends (you can put equipment),
  • The front and back sides extend 60cm, and there are also extensions on the left and right sides that can be hung to increase wind resistance. The inner tent design is stylish and generous.
  • The top of the tent is equipped with tent lamp hooks, and snow skirts are arranged around the tent to increase rain resistance.
  • External account: 210T waterproof coating PU3500MM polyester, waterproof tape
  • Inner account: 210T breathable polyester + B3
  • Bottom: 210D waterproof coating PU4000MM Oxford account bottom, waterproof sticker
  • Strut: Aviation aluminum bracket
  • Storage size: 46×16cm

Color: orange red green blue

Why Buy This Product? The Benefits:

  • Most are quite affordable and a smaller investment than a tent that is harder to assemble.
  • The most obvious benefit is that it simply "pops up," and the setup time for the tent has been shaved down to mere seconds. 
  • The pop-up tent is lightweight. Most pop-ups weigh only a few pounds and fit snugly into backpacks, making them perfect for the traveler who cannot lug a dome tent on his or her back.
  • Pop up tents excel in functionality and speed of installation. A pop-up tent can go from the trunk of your car to a standing tent in a matter of seconds. The longest part of setting up your pop up tent is getting the groundsheet in place.

  • Pop up tents are generally not designed for any more than 4 people, however, they are lightweight and ultra-portable. Pop up camping tents weigh under 10 pounds total and fit in the trunk of any car.
  • Pop up camping tents are best suited for short excursion and those spur of the moment days where you just want to throw everything in the trunk and go. While they won't replace your everyday- use tents, they will be a nice addition to your spontaneous camping adventures.

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